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OY-801 Glass Framed Sandbox

OY-801 Glass Framed Sandbox


· Our products are CE certified and manufactured in accordance with TS EN-1176-1...7 standards.

· Pool area is surrounded by 10mm tempered or 4 + 4mm laminated tempered glass.

· The inner surface of the frame is surrounded by 10 cm of 23 Dens sponge.

· The pool floor is covered with 13mm thick tatami flooring.

· Wooden shoe stands can be designed upon the pool entrance.

· All sandbox toys are CE certified.

· Sand is the cleanest carcinogen-free sand obtained without any chemical treatment. Its biggest feature is that it is free from dust by means of separators and it is non-stick.

· We can offer customized solutions in the colors and sizes of your choice.

Our products are guaranteed for 2 (two) years against manufacturing defects.

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