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El ele veren bir ekip


Plays are important activities for children to learn so many behaviour and information which contribute their future lives.  

Indoor playgrounds have an important role in children’s development. Indoor playgrounds are the places where children spend good quality time, consume their energy, socialise with their friends and improve their fine motor skills.  

YAPISAN PARK who is an experienced outdoor playground manufacturer, now launching a new brand as VIMBA TOYS to manufacture Indoor playgrounds. We aim to use our experience and knowledge in outdoor playground space in order to manufacture high quality indoor playgrounds. Our aim is to manufacture genuine, safe, high quality indoor playgrounds to meet our customers’ needs and expectations. Customer satisfaction is our upmost priority and we aim to manufacture indoor playgrounds that satisfy children’s expectation and learning needs.

Our experienced and specialist team focuses on delivering high quality solutions from project design all the way through to manufacturing in accordance with EU Standards  with the aim of providing indoor playgrounds for our children whereby they can spend quality time and improve their skills to contribute and positively shape their future.

Our Vision is to create safe environment for our children and, as always, we are happy to serve our esteemed customers. 

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