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· Dimensions: R: 160 cm H:30 cm

· Capacity: 1 Person

· Our products are CE certified and manufactured in accordance with TS EN-1176-1...7 standards.

· The Main body consists of 40x40x2 mm painted steel profiles.

· Steel profiles are covered with 2mm thickness soft material to increase and maximize the shock-absorbing.

· Soft material covered steel profiles are fire resistant and tear proof thanks to 1100 denier 650 gr PVC exterior coating.

· 28 denier strong sponges are used for protective cushions and covered with 1100 denier 650 gr. PVC.

· Our trampolines; ,imported (from EU), are made of 1-2mm jumping nets. Jumping nets are nonslippery. The carrying capacity of each jumping net is 300 kgs.

· 3-3,2 mm thickness steel springs are used which are in accordance with DIN2097 norms. Those springs can resist pulling force and are capable of performing reverse force and reverse power.

The product is packaged as de-assembled and shipped with the installation scheme for easy installation. We can offer customized solutions in the colors and sizes of your choice. Our products are guaranteed for 2 (two) years against manufacturing defects.

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